About ScleroTrainer®

Teach yourself without practicing on your patients. You can get prepared in a stress and risk free manner with the easy to use ScleroTrainer®. The ScleroTrainer® comes with a FREE instructional DVD that outlines sclerotherapy techniques and pearls. Watch, learn and practice as spider veins are injected by an expert.
It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use anywhere and anytime.

Whether you plan to incorporate sclerotherapy into your vein practice or not, your patients will demand and drive the service. As the demand increases, so will the need to provide that service.

With ScleroTrainer®, you will be able to strengthen your skills and techniques while simulating the feel and effect of sclerotherapy on a person.

Even if you are already proficient and you have a busy sclerotherapy practice – you need help.

The model is also a wonderful device to allow nurses and physician extenders to develop their skills so they can help manage your growing practice.
Inject a model of reticular and telangiectatic veins filled with fluid that is the same viscosity as blood. Become proficient quickly and obtain great patient satisfaction.
Build your staff’s confidence quickly with the ScleroTrainer® Duplicate yourself and generate passive income.