Vein Practice Business Tips

  • From a business standpoint it probably does not make the best business sense for the physician to be doing sclerotherapy. A physician extender like a registered nurse, nurse practictioner or physician’s assistant depending on your state and country laws can be doing the sclerotherapies while you do the things that only a doctor can do. When your assistant is doing your sclerotherapies, you now have more room in your schedule for endovenous ablations and new patient evaluations. A skilled sclerotherapist can maximize your efficiency and your ability to earn more income. Feel confident that their treatments are going to be excellent injections and test their proficiency with the ScleroTrainer® before they treat your first patient. With the ScleroTrainer®, the development of sclerotherapy skills will not disrupt your schedule. There is no need for you or your staff member and incur costs for airline and hotel stays. The ScleroTrainer® is lightweight and portable and you can do hands-on training anywhere and anytime. Once you are confident a staff member is ready to inject his or her first patient, your ScleroTrainer® will have paid for itself in one hour. Training your physician extender opens the door to growing passive income. Duplicate yourself and double your earning potential.
  • Patients demand sclerotherapy and you need to provide that service. If you do not already incorporate sclerotherapy in your practice, you should start. Patients want “one stop shopping”, and you risk losing them to competitors if your vein treatment services are not complete. You and your staff member can learn how to do sclerotherapy without disrupting your schedule to attend training courses. Become proficient at sclerotherapy anywhere and anytime with the ScleroTrainer®.
  • Another advantage of using the ScleroTrainer® is that since you can train a qualified employee to become a proficient sclerotherapist in a short period of time, this will mean less disruption to your practice and schedule.
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– No need to travel to a training course. Become proficient without interrupting your practice.

– The ScleroTrainer® will help you build your confidence and develop the skills you need to master sclerotherapy before you even touch your first patient. Get better faster.

– Train a physician extender and open the door to growing passive income. Duplicate yourself and double your earning potential. Test their proficiency with the ScleroTrainer®before they treat your first patient.